КОНКУРС за директор на ”Браќа Манаки”
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КОНКУРС за претседател
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In taking care of the personal and joint interests of its members, MFPA acts in the direction of expanding, developing, and promoting the film profession and creativity in the Republic of Macedonia.
It also aspires to strengthen the Macedonian cinematography by launching initiatives and activities that contribute to the film art continuity.
MFPA also takes care of the development of various activities that accomplish and meet the cultural, professional, technical, educational, and above all the artistic requirements.

In Macedonia, which is a small country, MFPA is the unique association in the field of film profession that unites all film professionals who are then divided into professional groups, like: directing, camera, production, editing, set design, sound, costume design, make-up, and animated film.

For the sake of a greater international affirmation of the Macedonian cinematography, MFPA and its members are included in international co-operation, while a number of its members, via their groups, are incorporated in significant international associations like the International Association of Animated Film (ASIFA) and the Federation of European Associations of Photographers and Directors of Photography (IMAGO). MFPA takes an active part in the organization of cultural-cinematographic exchange with countries in the world by organizing Days of Foreign Film in
Macedonia, as well as, presentation of the Macedonian film in other countries worldwide, mainly through participation of Macedonian films at international film festivals.

MFPA is the founder and organizer of one of the most prestigious international cultural events held in the Republic of Macedonia - the International Film Camera Festival "Manaki Brothers".